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AltRider アルトライダー タンクバッグ Hemisphere Tank Bag with Powerlet Power Kit タイプ:Rear Rightタイプ:Front Leftはこちら
タイプ:Rear Leftはこちら
タイプ:Front Rightはこちら



タイプ:Rear Right

Combine the versatility of an AltRider Hemisphere Tank Bag with the ingenuity of Powerlet with this Tank Bag Power Kit from AltRider.
This kit allows you to power electronics inside the waterproof tank bag liner, while still being fully sealed from the elements. The fully waterproof connector is installed in the rigid wall of the tank bag -- creating a permanent seal every bit as rugged as the tank bag itself. The connector plugs into the provided SAE lead, and distributes power on the inside via a standard 12 volt socket or an SAE lead to allow for multiple configurations. This design maintains the ability to remove the tank bag from the harness. To power the kit, simply connect the SAE lead to your battery terminals or aftermarket fuse block.
This kit ships with the Powerlet products pre-installed in the tank bag -- take the hassle out of doing it yourself. AltRider offers four different configurations based on rider preference and power location (see image at right):
・Front of bag, rider’s right
・Front of bag, rider’s left
・Rear of bag, rider’s right
・Rear of bag, rider’s left
*Additional Powerlet USB Cigarette Adapter shown, not included. Available separately here.
・AltRider motorcycle accessories and luggage are 100% designed and manufactured in the USA
・Durable Hemisphere luggage backed by limited lifetime warranty
・Allows easy removal of powered tank bag from bike
・Powerlet adapter allows charging of electronics without sacrificing waterproof properties
・11 liter main compartment capacity
・see PDF for full details on the AltRider Hemisphere Tank Bag
Kit Parts:Powerlet New Electrix Tankbag & Saddlebag Power Kit (1)
AltRider Hemisphere Tank Bag (1)

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